Welcome to Sultry Swing - Your dance headquarters for great parties in Palm Beach County!

Sultry Swing has been Palm Beach County’s HOME for dance for the past 15 years. We provide a fun, friendly atmosphere for learning to dance! We teach Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Country! Sultry Swing is no longer a dance studio, but we are active in the old WPB location and occasionally out of other locations nearby.  Its events are always operated by John Harris and are filled with amazing students that share a love of dancing. The passion we have for dance is unmistakable! Come and be a part of our dance family! Please share this with all your dance friends, even the ones that haven't been out dancing for many moons. Thank you all for your support ​for all these years. Hope to see you all on the dance floor!

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Sultry Swing Special Event

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New Year's Eve Celebration!
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Reservations are needed for this event!
Capping attendance to 40 guests.

Our Upcoming Ballroom Dance Parties!

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6:30pm to 9pm - BALLROOM DANCE
Cover is $20 per person.


8pm to 10:30pm - BALLROOM DANCE
Cover is $20 per person.

* We recommend bringing a partner to dance with.

Our Next Country Dance Party!

Saturday, November 25
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About John Harris, founder of Sultry Swing

He is a professional dance instructor, competitor, and judge. He has multiple titles at national competitions (including West Coast Swing, Country, Salsa, and Hustle). He is a Florida State West Coast Swing Dance Champion and retired All-Star J&J Competitor in WCS. He has also competed in Pro-Pro on the UCWDC Country Circuit with Raquel Reynolds. He has over 30+ years dancing and over 20+ years of experience teaching West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Country, Latin, Salsa, & Hustle. He had been the owner and head instructor for 14 years at Sultry Swing, the dance studio. He is now a freelance instructor. If you are interested in booking with him, text him at (561) 676-9989 for the quickest response.

John Harris' Dance Story
When I was 15, my Dad left my Mother. For about a year my Mom was a complete mess until she ran into a dance studio named “Dance Connection”. It was not a place filled with the prettiest or wealthiest of people, it was just filled with some of the nicest, caring people you ever will meet. I will tell you that the family my Mother created with the members of that studio saved her from her misery. They danced together, they would get together on holidays and celebrate together, they would even get together to help move each other, they were a dance family.

Fast forward several years and I was turning 20. I was a shy kid with very little self-confidence when it came to meeting new people or having conversations with groups of people (some of that had to do with the awkwardness of going through high-school at 6’4″ and rail thin and part of it had to do with the fact that I’m half deaf). My Mother, looking for a second miracle, pushed me into going to “Dance Connection” (I was more than a bit unwilling, as I was told frequently by people that I lacked talent in dance) with the hope that I would be able to make some new friends.

Over the next 6 months, I spent every single night dancing there, followed by a trip after class to a local country dance bar for social dancing afterwards. Not only did I meet some awesome individuals and find plenty of self-confidence I also became quite the dancer. I had found a dance family of my own. We would dance together, eat together, sometimes we’d go on vacations together, it was everything I needed, it was my miracle.

Now fast forward almost 30 years, I have closed my dance studio of 14 years and now am an independent instructor. I hope I have been and will continue to be even close to as successful in creating an atmosphere that will allow each of you to find your dance family as Grant Austin’s Dance Connection down in Fort Lauderdale did for me and my Mom. 

Every year (for 4 years and counting) we have a dance team!  It is open to experienced dancers and is a great way to create stronger bonds with those in the Sultry Swing family and to push yourself to develop new skills in your dancing.  Highly recommended...its a blast!!!


The Sultry Swing family is always growing.  
Come be a part of our family!

Our Facebook page has over 300 reviews! 
These are just a few of them.

Going there once a week, but after 3 visits, I'm planning on going 2 or 3x a week now.

Super great place to dance...I had never danced before and the instructors were super nice as were the other dancers...lots of great experienced dancers but friendly toward anyone wanting to share in the fun. I had a blast!!!

Great vibe, large dance floor, excellent sound system, bring a sweater because there air conditioning works!, lots of friendly and good dancers, friendly owners. The music for the parties always keep me dancing. Free snacks provided.

Love this and appreciate place already! From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed. Very humble, just my kind of environment. I recommend taking Johns class for West Coast Swing, Night Club 2 Step, oh and don't forget to stay for the mixer AND Social Dancing! ☺️ Always something to look forward too, if you love Ballroom Dancing (Waltz, Foxtrot, WCS, Two Step and the list goes on) ☺️

Love Sultry Swing and love taking classes with John! He is super patient and classes are fun. Looking for something different to do - definitely get some Dancing in! Great for the Mind & Soul ����

What a great place to dance! We had a wonderful night of ballroom dancing. The mini-lesson was fun and interesting. John creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with a great music selection. We'll definitely be back.


Our Next Dance Workshops!

Next Workshops has not been scheduled yet.