After 14 years running SUltry Swing, the Dance Studio, John Harris takes Sultry Swing to a new chapter.

Sultry Swing, as a studio, made it 14 glorious years ... but Sultry Swing, was here years before there was a studio named after it and will continue for many more years to come. I have been blessed in the 20 years I have been teaching here in Palm Beach County to be a part of this dance community, and I look forward to continuing to do so. Now, I'm just back as an Independent instructor. This, of course, for me is bittersweet, but I have no regrets. I am excited that I will be able to continue running my kind of Ballroom dances every week (Sunday Fun-Day continues) and also get to continue teaching private lessons to all my students. I will also now be able to do a lot more dance hosting at various venues thru-out the area.

The relaunch of the Sultry Swing dance team is in the near future, keep your eyes and ears open for the news.

John Harris is available for private lessons, dance hosting, and runs one of the most successful weekly Ballroom dances in the area (going on 11 years now). Text 561-676-9989 to schedule.

Every so often even good things come to an end so new things can begin. My passion for owning and running a dance studio has been a joy for the past 14 years, but the last 24 months has adjusted my priorities, and it is time for me to start a new chapter. Sultry Swing has never been about the money, always about the love of dance, but it also has always been very time intensive. It has always been a sacrifice of love at the cost of much time away from the family and friends that are outside the dance community.

I will continue teaching private lessons out of the brand new "Dance All Night" (as well as a few other places). We have also agreed to terms where I can run my Sunday Funday Ballroom dance that has been running 10+ years now. I hope this news brings a smile to all of your faces. I am excited for the local dance community that public ballroom dancing will continue right here in the heart of WPB!

I hope you will continue your journey with me as I start this new chapter. This moment has met me with conflicted feelings. I am very proud of the home I helped create, for having such an amazing home for our local dance community, and also eager to be able to get back to the basics with dance, family, and life... but letting go of the studio has not been easy. So many of you are family to me. There have been so many teachers and students that have made Sultry Swing the place it is and I thank you all for making it so special to me, for all the support and encouragement, for your passion and joy for dance, and making it a place of so many amazing nights of dancing and days of crafting dance skills. Thank you all!

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